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Acupuncture for Heartbreak

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Acne Prescription

Our Signature Acne Prescription For Adults and Teenagers. 


Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes are dramatically reduced.

Stress & Hormonal Balance

How do you think a stroke, heart attack or various sudden illnesses happen?

What is


Traditional acupuncture is a complete, evidence-based healthcare system that stimulates your body’s natural healing response.

Shopping for your skin

Have you ever thought about feeding your skin good wholesome organic food? Your skin needs good nourishment too.

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No time to see an acupuncture practitioner?

Are you struggling to find time to see a skin care specialist?

Are you finding it hard to find natural skincare to suit your skin type?

Welcome to the revolutionary modern way of treatment.

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Thanks to Sahar for amazing facial rejuvenation treatment. I feel great and everybody notices the lifting and rejuvenating effect of acupuncture. Sahar has got a magic hand, I feel lifted physically and emotionally. I highly recommend facial acupuncture treatment with Sahar.

Mrs S Rahman

I loved the service and also the oils.Thank you so much xxx





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