RejuvenEyes is a revolutionary rejuvenating eye treatment prescription combining the best of acupuncture, skin peel, and GuaSha (pronounced ‘gwa sha’).

The skin care market is saturated with numerous lotions and potions promising the disappearance of your dark circles. Reality check: none of them work.

There are also so many artificial aesthetic treatment procedures, such as fillers, available promising the same. The reality is that none of them get rid of the route problem and none are permanent.

Is it possible to eliminate dark circles under the eyes for good?

First of all we need to determine the CAUSE of dark circles:

  • lack of sleep 
  • chronic stress
  • menstrual disorders
  • pregnancy
  • poor diet and 
  • medications 

For others, dark circles are a hereditary trait. 

People who suffer from allergies and sensitivities often have a bigger problem with dark circles as well.

How can you benefit from A RejuvenEyes cosmetic acupuncture prescription?

In cosmetic acupuncture, those dark circles around your eyes are not simply a beauty or skin issue. We as acupuncture practitioners believe that there are underlying health problems involving your internal organs. Skin marks like eye bags and dark circles are merely manifestations of health problems. Underlying health problems can manifest easily on and around your eyes because skin surrounding your eyes are very thin and any slight change in your blood circulation readily result to eye bags and dark circles.

In acupuncture, if any of your body organs is not functioning optimally, it obstructs the proper circulation of blood and oxygen, leading to sluggish blood circulation. In the case of your eye bags and dark circles, these definitely may be caused by poor blood and oxygen circulation, causing nerves around your eyes to bulge and bodily fluids to leak and get stuck under and around your eyes.

Undergoing a RejuvenEyes treatment prescription will help in ridding your eyes of those unsightly dark circles and tired eyes.


RejuvenEyes increases blood circulation and aids with lymphatic drainage. It enables your skin cells to lay down new collagen fibres under wrinkles, thereby filling them in and resulting in an immediate “filled look”. Fine lines and wrinkles are ironed out (less noticeable); Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes are dramatically reduced; Skin hydration is restored; Lifting of the eye area can be achieved; Your immune system is strengthened; Sleep is improved; A sense of relaxation and overall well-being is achieved. 


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